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    Welcome to our company's website !


    First word, we, Era Mechanical Co.,Ltd want to send to customer best wish for health, hapiness, and success!

    With the efforts of staff trained for this job both technically attentive, professional and administrative capacity, Era Mechanical Co.,Ltd constantly improve product quality, innovate new models, suitable and anticipate market demand, timely attending to the development of market demand. Era Mechanical Co.,Ltd has always confirmed quality of product through the introduction of warranty solution, customer care services, perfect after-sale service to compete with same genre product and confirms company's competitive position.

    Operational criteria of Era Mechanical Co.,Ltd: "Good tools - Perfect Product"



    Era Mechanical Co.,Ltd currently offers on the market product, mechanical instruments of various brands:  ET,Daiichi, Eiko, Mitutoyo, Insize, FCT,Mitsubishi,YG-1 ...

    Era Mechanical Co.,Ltd's product include:

    + Carbide Endmill
    + Tap, reamer and drill
    + Drilling insert & holder,collet
    + Milling insert & cutter
    + Mechanical instrument

    Product's quality and customer's satisfation is the primary goal of Era company. With the mechanical tools, we are always interested in quality, technology, as well as the technique, equipment during the formation and development of the product. Therefore, in recent years, our company study regularly to improve product's quality,and the design, packaging of each product.

    Our Personnel is the harmony combination of youth - self-motivated - experienced.

    Personnel are always trained attentively in technical, professional skill. Communication skills, behavior, ethics ... are always uphold for aiming to the needs of competition as well as to create a strong presence in the market... Each employees are the driving force, the indispensable element of Era Mechanical Co.,Ltd. Our company is always interested in training policy, meritocracy, development of future presonnel resource and especially to uphold the role of the individual in the development of the Company.








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    Phone : 0907.82.16.18

    Hotline: 0989.288.883




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